• SUB AND APNEA: Seac Fuga are full foot fins with a soft foot pocket and hard blade for scuba diving, snorkelling and apnea; perfect for more temperate waters when you do not need socks or boots and wear less weight
  • ANATOMIC FOOT POCKET: the foot pocket of the Seac Fuga fin is made of soft and element resistant thermoplastic rubber that gently wraps the foot keeping the fin in place
  • DOUBLE TECHNOPOLYMER BLADE: the Seac Fuga diving fin blade has been designed with a combination of two different plastic polymers, creating stiffness zones and water conveyor channels
  • RESISTANT: Seac Fuga is a diving fin created to last over time; the ribs on the sides of the blade help prevent it from getting damaged
  • MADE IN ITALY: the Seac Fuga fin is entirely designed and manufactured in Italy by Seacsub SpA, a bench mark for manufacturers in the diving industry since 1971

Whatever your passion, Diving, spearfishing, snorkelling, the Seac Fuga fin will enhance your underwater experience. The Seac Fuga is a fin that meets multiple needs, ideal both for those approaching for the first time the wonders hidden under the surface of the water and for the more experienced. The Seac Fuga fins have a soft rubber foot pocket that facilitates the fit and gently wraps the foot. The blade is designed to last over time and optimize the snap. The Seac Fuga diving fins are made of high-modulus technopolymer and have water conveyors and external ribs. The single fin weighs 558 grams. Suitable for every activity, they give their best in the most temperate waters. These scuba fins are available in several colors and 6 sizes, ranging from 36 to 47. They are a TOTALLY designed and made in Italy items by Seacsub Spa, bench mark for manufacturers in the diving industry since 1971.
Free and scuba diving
Seac Fuga are closed foot fins for freediving and scuba diving; perfect for warmer waters where booties are not needed and you don't need much weight
Anatomical foot pocket
The closed foot section of the Seac Fuga fin is made from soft but durable themoplastic rubber, which fits comfortably around the foot and holds the fin in place

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