• Seac GP 100 S are diving fins designed for the rigours of professional use, and are used today in the military sector
  • Structure of the foot pocket and blade are extremely resistant to impact, abrasion and sudden changes in temperature
  • Negatively bouyant fins that cancel the possible upward floating of lighter fins
  • Quick and easy fit with elastic strap Sling Strap. Foot Pocket with non-slip sole
  • Single fin weight: 1250 grams. Available in 5 colors and 5 sizes (XS / S = 34/36, S / M = 37/39, M / L = 40/42, L / XL = 43/45, XL / XXL = 46/48)

Seac GP 100 S are the fins designed for scuba diving and are more extreme, ultra-resistant and suitable for professional use, and excel in the military sector. The fusion of special thermoplastic polymers made it possible to create an extra strong structure, which lasts over time and is resistant to shocks, abrasions and temperature changes. The Seac GP 100 S fins have a non-slip sole and are quick to put on thanks to the elastic Sling Strap: the foot pocket is very supportive in the fin. The Seac GP 100 S are negatively bouyant diving fins and therefore stop the possible upward floating that can occur in lighter fins. The search for maximum performance is combined with a sophisticated blade design and attractive graphics. Seac GP 100 S are available in 5 sizes and in 5 colours. They come with a black elastic strap but you can buy the Sling Strap in different colours (blue, yellow, red or white) to match them to the blade.)
Negative buoyancy
Negative buoyancy fins, which compensate for possible buoyancy by using neoprene feet.
Sling Straps
Quick and easy donning with sling straps. Foot compartment with non-slip sole
Extremely robust
Structure of the foot pocket and fin blade extremely resistant to shocks, abrasion and sudden temperature changes.
Techno-polymer double material
Techno-polymer double material with high performance and high impact resistance even at low temperatures.

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