• Great for travel use
  • Adjustable strap fin to six different positions per size
  • Durable blade for powerful kicks
  • Great for snorkelers and swimmers
  • Blade made of special polyolefin resin and foot pocket of thermoplastic elastomer.

Ideal for snorkeling, a short, powerful fin and really agile The foot pocket is super-comfortable, fins feature durable blades that Jet water backwards on downstroke, and promote maximum propulsion. Quick-release, easily adjustable strap. 
Perfect fit
The Seac Zoom snorkeling fins have an easily adjustable strap on both sides of the ankle to find the perfect fit.
Ultra resistant
Seac Zoom are the ultra-resistant sea fins designed to withstand shocks and last over time.
The blade has wide and long ribs that protect the entire edge of the fin.
Bright colours
Seac Zoom fins are available in 3 different colors: blue, yellow and pink.

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