• Snorkeling mask and snorkel set for Kids
  • Seac Marina snorkeling mask with high-quality hypoallergenic coloured silicone skirt. Suitable for children
  • Seac Z Piccolo snorkel for children
  • Ideal for recreational water activity. Easy to fit. Easy to use.
  • Safe and high-quality snorkeling set designed for children

The Seac Set Marina is a safe, colored and funny diving mask and snorkel set to introduce your child to snorkeling.

This snorkeling set consist of a Seac Marina diving mask and a matching Seac Z Piccolo snorkel.

The Seac Marina is a single lens mask with tempered glass, polycarbonate frame and high-quality hypoallergenic silicone.

The Seac Z Piccolo is a snorkel for children in polythene with phthalate-free siltra mouthpiece. You can easily connect it to Marina mask with an eyelet that makes impossible to lose the snorkel!

Seac Marina snorkeling set is available in blue, yellow and pink, suitable for children (age 3+). For junior divers (age 8+) and adults with small or narrow face, Seac recommends the following mask and snorkel sets: Set Elba MD Color, Set Elba MD, Set Giglio MD Color, Set Giglio MD, Set Ischia MD Color, Set Ischia MD, Set Panarea MD Color, Set Panarea MD, Set Procida Color. Seac offers also snorkeling sets for adults: Set Elba Color, Set Elba, Set Giglio Color, Set Giglio e Set Extreme.

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