(Not available for US market)

  • Snorkel set consisting of mask and snorkel with water drain valve for adults
  • Seac Elba symmetric mask with transparent silicone lenses
  • Seac Fast Tech snorkel tube with water splash guard and bleed valve at the mouthpiece
  • Snorkel set ideal for recreational use. The mask is easy to adjust thanks to the double-button buckle on both sides.
  • Hypoallergenic silicone, soft and comfortable.

The Seac Elba Valve is the new snorkeling set that combines the Seac Elba diving mask with the Seac Fast Tech snorkel with water drain valve. The Seac Elba Valve set is perfect for your snorkelling sessions. The Seac Elba mask is a toughened tempered glass, with a soft, hypoallergenic silicone skirt. The Mask is easy and quick to adjust thanks to the double-button buckle on both sides. The Seac Fast Tech snorkel attaches to the mask thanks to the practical clip. It is equipped with both a valve for the escape of excess water and anti-splash top. The Seac Set Elba Valve is a snorkeling set for adults, available in two colors, blue and yellow. For the younger ones, the Seac Elba MD Valve (MD = Medium Size) set with reduced mask and snorkel is available.

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