The new I50 torch is at the top of the market and is a concentrate of technology resulting from years of study by SEAC's technical department.

The main new features introduced on this model are a new button which is the heart of the torch. It switches the torch on, adjusts the intensity between maximum power, reduced power and strobe function for emergency situations or where we need to be noticed. It acts as an electronic safety device to prevent unwanted ignitions by repeated pressing in rapid succession and by means of the luminous crown it provides the battery charge status at a glance:

The switch has a luminous circular ring that will be green when the battery is charged, yellow when the battery is half charged, and flashing red when the battery is low.

The torch is equipped with an external magnetic recharger that allows the battery to be recharged via USB cable, without the need to disassemble it.

All this is enclosed in an aerospace-derived aluminium casing with incredible strength and lightness, surface-treated to make it impervious to external agents.

Obviously, to make this torch truly universal, the angle of focus is adjustable and can switch from a concentrated spot for a defined and deep beam to a wide spot to illuminate everything around you.

Finally, the torch comes in a handy soft, contoured case covered on the outside with an abrasion-resistant fabric.

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